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Car insurance coverage

Many times we hear reports about rental car insurance with the terms CDW, FDW, SCDW and various similar terms, which many times we do not know and do not understand. Most car rental companies use these names for their insurance, although you may find different titles for the same insurance.

Full Exemption Insurance FDW

1.3 Full insurance with 0 euros exemption (FDW)

The car rental agency will not ask for an exemption guarantee upon delivery of the car as we have agreed to take the package with FDW insurance. However, we may be asked for a small guarantee regarding the fuel of the car. This amount is usually 80 to 100 euros depending on the car and this happens as we will receive a car with a full tank and we will have to return it full. Of course, in many cases this can be paid in cash on delivery of the car.

Let’s look at an example:

With FDW there will be no extra charge for any damages. The cost of the car from 10 euros per day can reach close to 15 euros. That is, for 5 days, the total cost of the reservation will amount to 70 euros instead of 50, but with zero guarantee of exemption. This option has its pros and cons. You have no worries about anything happening in the car, but you pay almost double the money.


The exemption amounts change from category to category of vehicles, reservation days you will find details in the reservation process