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Rent a car without a credit card

rent a car without a credit card

At TcRentals - Rent a car Athens you are able to rent a car without a credit card at affordable prices.

To be here and read this article you have definitely faced the problem with car rentals and your credit card. Most car rental companies make it a prerequisite for the customer to have a personal card in order to be able to rent.

Unfortunately, we have also found ourselves in this unpleasant position, that is, to ask for a credit card from our customer and he does not have it, as a result of which we do not proceed with the rental of a vehicle.

This problem is commonly encountered by large companies with thousands of cars around the world. Imagine an employee of such a company coming into conflict with the customer for any car damage at a central location or at a crowded airport. Just think that he is a simple employee who wants to do his job properly and that is to deliver and pick up a car.

Hence the credit card. At the end of the rental and the return of the car, a check is made for any damages by the company representative, the guarantee is released or charged (if there are any losses) from the customer’s credit card.

What if a bank does not issue you a credit card? Does that mean you can not rent a car? Even if you have, why get into this process?

An agency will freeze the car guarantee from your credit card upon receipt of the car. This amount will be released on return. It may take up to 3 to 25 days for you to see the money available in your account again. This is something that does not depend on the car rental agency but on the bank you work with.

At TCRentals, we implement innovative ideas that will make renting a car easy without credit card. If there is no credit card or debit card, the guarantee can be given in cash and the car can be returned in cash.

At TC RENTALS we have a fleet of more than 200 vehicles and our goal is to continuously upgrade our fleet with new vehicles. Our vision is to make renting your car easier than ever, without hidden charges and fine print.

We build relationships of trust with our customers to be your first choice for renting your car.

Book now at TCRentals and start your journey.

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Rent a car without a credit card

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