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Car insurance coverage

Many times we hear reports about rental car insurance with the terms CDW, FDW, SCDW and various similar terms, which many times we do not know and do not understand. Most car rental companies use these names for their insurance, although you may find different titles for the same insurance.

Full Exemption Insurance FDG

Crystal breakage cover insurance (FDG)

Glass breakage insurance covers you for damage to the side windows, front and rear windscreen as well as damage to the mirror glass. Add glass breakage to the vehicle insurance you choose and get rid of the damage that can be caused to the specific parts of the vehicle.

Let's see an example:

With FDG there will be no extra charge for any damage that may be caused to the car’s windows and mirrors. This charges the car rental from 3 to 5 euros per day


The amounts are indicative and change from vehicle category to vehicle category, reservation days you will find details in the reservation process