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Monthly Rentals car in Athens

Monthly Car Rental. TCrentals provides you with offers for rental cars by the month, from 8.5 euros per day. We provide flexible programs to individuals and companies. Choose now the car that serves your needs or the needs of your business and contact us to receive an offer. Book now  from TCrentals.gr with no down payment, no hidden fees and clear rental terms.

From 8.5 euros per day

Monthly Rentals car in Athens

Hyundai I10 or similar

From 8,5€ + VAT
Nissan Qashqai or similar
From 17,50€ + VAT

Opel Corsa or similar

From 9,5€ + VAT

Skoda Octavia or similar

From 11,50€ + VAT
Hyundai I30 or similar
From 10,50€ + VAT

Renault Megane S/W or similar

From 14.50€ + VAT

The offer includes:

– 2000 km / month

– Insurance coverage of civil liability to third parties

– Theft security with waiver

– Mixed insurance with exemption

– 24-hour roadside assistance

– Car replacement within 48 hours in case of accident or mechanical breakdown

Terms and Conditions

– Prices refer to car categories B, C, D, E, SUV, S/W

– The car models listed are indicative and we cannot guarantee their availability. Similar models to the ones pictured are given in each category.

– Prices do not include VAT and are valid for a limited number of cars.

– The offer is valid from 01/10 Minimum rental period one (1) month with mandatory return of the car by April 30. In case of extension of the rental after April 30th the monthly rent will increase.