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Car insurance coverage

Many times we hear reports about rental car insurance with the terms CDW, FDW, SCDW and various similar terms, which many times we do not know and do not understand. Most car rental companies use these names for their insurance, although you may find different titles for the same insurance.

Full Exemption Insurance SCDW

1.2 Full insurance with reduced exemption (SCDW)

SCDW security differs from CDW in that it has a reduced exemption. In the example of the previous insurance we had a 500 euro security deposit and a 10 euro daily car price. If we choose SCDW, the agency will ask us to pay the amount of the guarantee which may be even less than half (eg 200 euros), but the rent of the car from 10 euros can be increased to 13 euros. With this insurance, however, the maximum amount we can pay in case of damage to the car will be 200 euros.

Let's see an example:

So 13×5 = 65 euros with a guarantee of 200 euros. As you understand you pay a total of 15 euros more for car rental, but with a fairly reduced liability.


The exemption amounts change from category to category of vehicles, reservation days you will find details in the reservation process